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Officers & Managers


The Friends of Cathedral Music is managed and administered by a Council of Trustees with a maximum of twenty-one trustees. These consist of three Executive Officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), three Managing Officers (Grants Secretary, National Gatherings Manager and Editor of Cathedral Music), up to nine Elected Trustees, up to three Co-opted Trustees and up to three Nominated Trustees.

Elected Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting and one-third of these retire from office at each AGM. They are eligible to serve for two terms. Co-opted Trustees are eligible to serve for one term.

The current Council consists of the following members:

Chairman Peter Allwood
Secretary Roger Bishton
Treasurer Tim Rogerson
Elected Trustees Mrs Sooty Asquith (Editor, Cathedral Music)
Edward Bevin (Press & PR Manager)
Mrs Rosemary Downey (National Gatherings Manager)
Terence Duffy (Joint DR Coordinator)
Michael Wiles (Joint DR Coordinator)
Christopher Gower (Grants Secretary)
Mrs Ann Parsons (Recruitment Manager)
Revd Sue Irwin
Mrs Catherine Lamb
Canon Peter Gould
Revd Canon John Pedlar
Jonathan Wikeley
Peter Smith (co-opted)
Revd Canon Janet Chapman (co-opted)
Nominated Trustees Revd Canon Andrew Hindley (Precentors’ Conference)
Jane Capon (Choir Schools Association)

Officers and Managers

Post Holder E-mail
Chairman Peter Allwood chairman@fcm.org.uk
Secretary Roger Bishton secretary@fcm.org.uk
Treasurer Timothy Rogerson treasurer@fcm.org.uk
Administrator Cathy Dew admin@fcm.org.uk
Assistant Treasurer (Membership) Donald Kerr atreas@fcm.org.uk
Archivist & Information Manager Dr Rosemary Smith
DR Resources Managers Michael & Sheila Pressland drres@fcm.org.uk
Editor, Cathedral Music Sooty Asquith editor@fcm.org.uk
Editor, Cathedral Voice Deborah Hooper editorcv@fcm.org.uk
Finance Administrator Amanda Welsh finadmin@fcm.org.uk
Future Resources Maurice Kenwrick-Piercy futureresources@fcm.org.uk
Future Resources Dr Jim Caughey futureresources@fcm.org.uk
Future Resources Felicity Pattenden futureresources@fcm.org.uk
Gatherings Booklet Coordinator Joan Orton gbooklet@fcm.org.uk
Grants Secretary Christopher Gower grants@fcm.org.uk
Assistant Grants Secretary Peter Smith agsec@fcm.org.uk
Joint D R Co-ordinator Terry Duffy coordinator_dr@fcm.org.uk
Joint D R Co-ordinator Michael Wiles DR_Coordinator@fcm.org.uk
Membership Secretary Tim Hayward info@fcm.org.uk
Merchandise Manager Judy Chisman merchd@fcm.org.uk
National Gatherings Manager Rosemary Downey gather@fcm.org.uk
Press & PR Manager Edward Bevin pr@fcm.org.uk
Production Manager Graham Hermon pm@fcm.org.uk
Recruitment Manager Ann Parsons recruit@fcm.org.uk
Website Editor David King webedit@fcm.org.uk