• Advent Calendar with singers

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Alphabetical Advent Adventure

Welcome to FCM’s Alphabetical Advent Adventure

Watch this page develop as we visit a choral foundation each day of Advent, working our way from A to Z (and, to complete the alphabet, we’ll be carrying on till Boxing Day).

We will take a look at what each choir is up to on that particular day and hear what inspires and challenges their musicians throughout the schedule of services and concerts that lead up to Christmas.

In the UK, we are blessed with so many fabulous cathedral, church and collegiate choirs that it has been very difficult to choose just one for each day. We hope you will have fun guessing where we might be heading as we work our way from A to Z (yes, we even have a choir for ‘Z’ up our sleeves) and that you’ll enjoy hearing a little bit more about some of the excellent choirs who work so hard to make Christmas extra special.


December 1

The choir of St Andrew's Aberdeen carol singing

A is for…Aberdeen

December 2

St Anne's Cathedral Belfast

B is for…Belfast

December 3

Coventry Cathedral Boys' Choir

C is for…Coventry

December 4

Derby Cathedral Girls' Choir

D is for…Derby

December 5

Ely Choristers enjoy riding on a Victorian Carousel

E is for…Ely

December 6

St Martin-in-the-Fields Children's Voices

F is for…St Martin-in-the-Fields

December 7

Guildford Cathedral from the fcm archive

G is for…Guildford

December 8

H is for…Hexham Abbey
December 9 I is for…?
December 10 J is for…?
December 11 K is for…?
December 12 L is for…?
December 13 M is for…?
December 14 N is for…?
December 15 O is for…?
December 16 P is for…?
December 17 Q is for…?
December 18 R is for…?
December 19 S is for…?
December 20 T is for…?
December 21 U is for…?
December 22 V is for…?
December 23 W is for…?
December 24 X is for…?
December 25 Y is for…?
December 26 Z is for…?

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