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FCM launches its new website

The Friends of Cathedral Music is delighted to announce the launch of its new website,

2016 saw extensive celebrations for FCM’s¬†Jubilee Year in 2016, in which nearly 4000 members helped to provide grants of ¬£600,000 for musical projects in cathedrals, chapels and churches across the UK and abroad.

The year 2017 marks a renewed determination within FCM to do everything in its power to support choral foundations in providing the highest standards of sacred music in our great churches from one day to the next.

The FCM’s website is the most effective way of engaging a wider public with its activities and achievements.

The previous website has served the organisation well for many years, and FCM owes a large debt of gratitude to Peter Whitham and Derek Bryan for creating the original site and their dedicated work in keeping its content up to date. Peter and Derek have also given invaluable assistance in the process of transition and migration from the old to the new. FCM wishes to thank David King for the work he has done with the designers in creating the site.

Various aspects of the new site will be developed further over the coming months, not least towards the availability of merchandise online.

Visitors are encouraged to support the FCM either through subscribing to membership, contributing to grants given to cathedrals and churches across the UK, or through donating to the new Diamond Fund for Choristers which is supporting many worthwhile musical projects and individual choristers in our great cathedrals.