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Jubilate – 500 years of Cathedral Music

Important developments are now under way for the Diamond Fund for Choristers with the promotion of the new CD ‘Jubilate – 500 years of Cathedral Music’ on Classic FM and elsewhere.

Here is an introduction to the CD and a look at the some of the issues behind the CD launch, due on 17 March.

Many thanks to Decca, St Paul’s Cathedral and so many others for the extraordinary help they have given the Friends of Cathedral Music in taking the Diamond Fund for Choristers project forward.

If you’d like to order a copy of this unique and superlative CD, proceeds from which will go to the Diamond Fund for Choristers, click here.

Funds will go towards the training of boys and girls, especially those from modest backgrounds, not just in choral music but also in a wide range of essential life skills which will later make them talented musicians and serve them well throughout their lives. UK choirs are admired the world over for the priceless heritage of 1400 years of cathedral music. Those of us who live in the UK are envied for our continuing access to sublime music; now you can help the DFC to increase mutual understanding between children of different backgrounds and give them all, particularly the disadvantaged, the best possible start in life.

Choristers are flagbearers for all that is best about modern Britain!