W is for…Wells

Today, 23 December, we are travelling to Somerset. Although it is situated in England’s smallest city, Wells Cathedral is a very busy place during the festive season. View our complete Advent Calendar here The most spectacular Christmas events at Wells Cathedral in December must surely be the annual Candlelight Concerts which take place on 19, […]

V is for…VOCES8

We thought long and hard about whom we should feature today, 22 December, for the letter V. In the end, we decided to take the opportunity to branch out a bit and look at a secular ensemble which owes much to the tradition of cathedral music. For this reason, we are featuring the vocal ensemble […]

U is for…University College, Oxford

Today, 21 December, we feature two ‘U’s: University College Oxford and their director, the singer Giles Underwood. View our complete Advent Calendar here The Chapel Choir of University College, Oxford is a mixed choir not only of choral scholars and volunteers, but also of undergraduate and postgraduate members. The choir sings once a week during […]

T is for…Truro

Today, 20 December, we are in Cornwall, visiting Truro Cathedral. If you have been waiting since 11 December to find out which choral foundation was the first to hold the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, wait no longer! It was Truro Cathedral. View our complete Advent Calendar here Until 1879, the choir had traditionally […]

S is for…Salisbury

Today, 19 December, we are off to Wiltshire to visit Salisbury Cathedral. View our complete Advent Calendar here Salisbury’s choristers have been busy preparing for a performance of Handel’s Messiah, which was performed to a sizeable audience on Saturday. Now the choir is gearing up for the carol services on Sunday and Monday as well […]

R is for…Ripon

Today, 18 December, we are off to Yorkshire, to visit Ripon Cathedral. View our complete Advent Calendar here The cathedral can trace its roots back to 672AD, when St Wilfrid, then abbot of the monastery at Ripon built a stone basilica with a crypt in the style of buildings he had seen in Rome. The […]

Q is for…Queen’s College, Oxford

Today, 17 December, we are in Oxford once again, visiting Queen’s College. View our complete Advent Calendar here Queen’s is a little different from many of the college choirs we have featured so far, in that it is a mixed-voice choir. Rather than employing trebles for the top part, the choir has a soprano line […]

P is for…Portsmouth

Today, 16 December, we are on the south cost, in Portsmouth, at the Cathedral of the Sea. View our complete Advent Calendar here The choir is having a very busy Advent. They have just sung on board HMS Victory for the Second Sea Lord’s Carol Service, and now their focus is on the four carol […]

O is for…Oxford (specifically, Magdalen College)

Today, 15 December, we are in Oxford, home to many fine choirs. We are focusing on Magdalen College, whose choir was founded in 1480. Magdalen College was then one of the largest choral foundations in late-medieval England, and this historic legacy has been preserved and maintained over five centuries. View our complete Advent Calendar here […]

N is for…Norwich

The boys, girls, lay clerks and choral scholars at Norwich Cathedral are enjoying a well-earned rest today, 14 December, after their magnificent performance in their Christmas concert last night. View our complete Advent Calendar here Norwich Cathedral Choir comprises 20 boy choristers, aged 8-13, who attend Norwich School, and 24 girl choristers aged 11-18 who […]

M is for…Middlesbrough

Today, 13 December, we are in the North East, visiting Middlesbrough Cathedral.   Music plays an important role at Middlesbrough Cathedral, which has no less than six different choirs. Middlesbrough’s choristers were in good spirits last night.  They went carol singing at a care home before the choir’s pizza party.   They have a couple of […]

L is for…Llandaff

Today, 12 December, we are in South Wales, visiting Llandaff Cathedral. Llandaff currently has 18 Boy Choristers who, with a dedicated team of Altos, Tenors and Basses take the lion’s share of the choral duties at the Cathedral. There are eight choral services a week, with the Cathedral Choir providing music at five of these. […]