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RSCM success for Warwick Choristers

We congratulate two choristers of St Mary’s, Warwick, who have achieved the RSCM Gold Award.

The first evidence of a choir at the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick, dates from 1123. Today, the church has choirs of boys, girls and men, singing four choral services a week in addition to a programme of tours, broadcasts and recordings. Two senior members of the girls’ choir are celebrating success in the most recent round of RSCM Gold Award examinations. Anna Parsons (Head Chorister) and Leila O’Hara (Deputy Head Chorister) gained the Gold Award after months of intensive preparation, and a challenging examination that tests knowledge of the liturgical calendar and choral repertoire, in addition to singing and musicianship skills. Anna (18) and Leila (17) have each sung with the choir for nearly a decade, along with members of their families: Anna’s older brothers have been boy choristers and adult choirmen, whilst Leila’s older sister was a fellow girl chorister.