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Video from Truro invites musicians to consider a church music vocation

The director of music at Truro Cathedral has called on other musicians to explore their vocations.

Christopher Gray, who has led the award-winning choir for 10 years, said: “If you feel a calling to do something it’s good to water that seed, because otherwise what is life really about?

“It doesn’t have to be an either/or, and you don’t necessarily have to leave your day job to do it. There are lots of ways of serving within the church that don’t involve radically rethinking your life.”

Christopher has urged people who feel they would like to explore their musical vocation to talk to others who might be able to send them in the right direction, whether within the church or in a community group.

His comments are contained within the latest in the series of short films about vocations produced by the Diocese of Truro.

You can watch the video here